Bank Retracts Auction Notice for Sunny Deol's Villa Over Rs 56 Crore Debt; Reports Suggest Akshay Kumar's Support for 'Gadar 2' Star

Sunny Deol, who is basking in the success of 'Gadar 2', recently made headlines due to a bank issuing a notice in his name for outstanding dues. However, the bank has rectified the situation by withdrawing the notice, attributing it to a technical glitch. The updated statement read, 'Correction to the e-auction sale notice dated 19.08.2023 published in the Mumbai Edition of Times of India on 20.08.23. The sale notice regarding Mr. Ajay Singh Deol, also known as Mr. Sunny Deol, has been retracted due to a technical glitch concerning the property located at...

The notice specifically pointed to Sunny's Juhu-based villa, which was initially slated for auction. Following this withdrawal, reports surfaced suggesting that Akshay Kumar had extended a helping hand to the 'Gadar 2' star, supposedly offering to contribute a significant portion of the loan to safeguard his Juhu residence. Allegedly, this deal transpired during a meeting between the two actors on the day of the auction notice release. Sunny Deol would then reimburse the loan to Akshay within an agreed-upon timeframe. Although the exact sum Akshay Kumar offered remains undisclosed, sources suggest it could range between Rs 30 to 40 crores. It's essential to note that these reports lack confirmation. Notably, 'Gadar 2', starring Sunny Deol, and 'OMG 2', featuring Akshay Kumar, had a recent box office clash on August 11. For further news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

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