Business Idea: Starting a business with empty hands is the peak of success! You can start this business with little investment! Be goods

  New Business Idea: Husband and wife started business with little money.  Now the couple owns 17 outlets.

Howrah: Another name of the fight is Moumita Mistry!  The result of Moumita's relentless struggle to weave a dream in a push car is currently 17 outlets.  Now you don't have to take the push to the customer.  That pushcart momo of just a few years ago has now become a brand.  That momo is now well known to people from different parts of Bengal.  When one hears the name of his brand, the first thing that comes to mind is eating momos You are right, it is Moumita Mistry's 'Momo Chitte'.  The launch marks the brand's 17th outlet at Howrah Kali Kundu Lane.  At the outlet adjacent to Kali Mandir in Pakurtala, Moumita personally serves momos to customers.

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